Carmelo Ucchino
Member of Board of Directors

Graduated marine merchant school in 1964.
Achieved deep sea master degree in 1972. After 10 years at sea in 1974, started in the operations-chartering departments of Oceangas Milano and Gazocean Paris. In 1988 founded Gasbrokers of Milano and in 1991 Gasmare Milano.

Massimo Ucchino
Managing Director

High School scientific diploma.
After his first working experience in a metal rim factory and military service he joined Gasmare in 1997.

Nicola Ricciardelli

Graduated in business and administration in 1983.
Started his career as 3rd purser on a cruise ship, a few years later switched to hotel management. Reached Gasmare in 1991 graduating as shipbroker 4 years later. Married with 3 children, he loves cooking.

Romina Mottura

High school diploma accounting.
Her first working experience started in Gasmare, where she began working in the accounting department in 1999.

Dario Porta
Chartering and Operations

Graduated in Tourism and Development of Local Area in 2010.
Previous work: 7 years in television enterprises working as audio and video technician. After a years spent working and travelling around Australia he joined Gasmare in July 2014.

Alessandra Bonfanti

Graduated in Supply Chain Management Engineering in 2015.
After 1 year in Customer Service and Software release for an international consumer goods company, plus 3 years in Technology Consulting, working for Italian multi-brand fashion retail group, she joined Gasmare in May 2018.